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English Language

Code: 120186
ECTS: 4.0
Lecturers in charge: prof. dr. sc. Eldi Grubišić Pulišelić
Lecturers: v. lekt. Ivana Bojčić - Practical foreign language exercises
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Lecture typeTotal
Practical foreign language exercises 30
Lectures 30
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
To enable the students to use technical and scientific literature in English, as well as
to express themselves (orally and in writing), with a particular emphasis upon the
register and the specific terminology of pedagogy and education.
  1. - Marasović-Alujević, M. (2003.). English for Educators, texts and language points, Split, Visoka učiteljska škola Sveučilišta u Splitu, (skripta).
    - Eastwood, J. (2005). Oxford Learner's Grammar; Grammar Finder, OUP (Oxford, Oxford University Press)
    - englesko-hrvatski rječnik (po izboru)
    - englesko-engleski rječnik (po izboru)
Optional literature:
  1. - Graver, B. D. (2003.). Advanced English Practice, Oxford, OUP.
    - Bujas, Ž. (1999.). Veliki hrvatsko-engleski rječnik, Zagreb: Globus.
    - Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners (2001). HarperCollins Publishers
    - Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary (2005). Cambridge, CUP (Cambridge University Press)
1. semester
Mandatory course - Regular studij - Undergraduate University Study Programme in Early and Preschool Education
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